Prolong the life of your current IT equipment with Extended Warranty

In times of increased uncertainty organisations are realising it makes good business sense to only upgrade their IT and tech equipment when they need to. When the manufacturer warranty expires, there is often no need to upgrade the IT equipment right away. Yet business-critical hardware needs to be protected to limit any downtime.

Benefits of choosing an extended warranty:

  • Extends the life of existing IT assets
  • Increases return on investment of existing equipment
  • Reduces unnecessary upgrade disruption
  • Service Level Agreement in place for breakdowns 

Extended warranty contracts are also known as break-fix-, or maintenance contracts. By having an extended warranty in place, you can be confident any issues will be dealt with by a certified engineer. You can choose the level of service which meets your requirements, from how quickly you want an engineer on-site, to providing spare-, or new parts as within your package. 

An extended warranty enables you to focus business investment in other areas, instead of upgrading unnecessarily, protecting you if something does go wrong, and ensuring the problem is fixed quickly.

Why choose an Extended Warranty from Technical Reality?

As part of our Tech Lifecycle Solutions, Technical Reality provides comprehensive extended warranty packages to protect equipment until it’s time to renew. Giving full peace of mind in case of any equipment failures, we offer a range of Service Level Agreements (SLAs), guaranteeing the delivery of measured service levels to meet your organisation’s specific needs.

Our extended warranty packages cover equipment from all the major manufacturers, including; HP, HPE, IBM, Fujitsu, Lenovo, Cisco, Dell, Sun Microsystems, Juniper and many others, plus you will also benefit from our extensive technical expertise providing ongoing help and support. 

Key benefits include:

  • Multi-vendor support from one supplier under one support agreement.
  • Cost savings compared to manufacturer support services.
  • 24x7x365 helpdesk with UK wide vendor certified engineers for rapid response.
  • Response times to meet your requirements, from a 4 hour to next business day.
  • UK based team.

Service Level Agreement Options

Choosing the right Service Level Agreement (SLA) for your IT equipment extended warranty contract is essential to ensure you minimise any disruption to your business. Multiple SLAs and multiple manufacturers can be covered under one warranty contract, providing the ultimate flexibility and value for money.

Our Service Level Agreements are made up of three components: a contract length; a response time; and a response type. These are combined to determine the Service Level your business requires.

Contract Length

  • 1 Year
  • 2 Years
  • 3 Years
  • 4 Years
  • 5 Years

Response Times

  • 24X7 - 4 HOUR - Within 4 hours, anytime – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • 8X5 - 4 HOUR - Within 4 hours, during normal working hours, 5 days a week.
  • 8X5 – Next Business Day - By the Next Business Day, during normal working hours, 5 days a week.

Response Types

  • FIX - Guarantees that your equipment will be fixed and returned to service within the requested timeframe, as per the warranty agreement. An engineer will arrive onsite, along with any necessary parts. If your equipment is beyond repair, we will replace the equipment with same, or better, specification.
  • RESPONSE - Guarantees an engineer will arrive onsite within the requested timeframe, as per the warranty agreement. Following diagnosis from the engineer, parts will follow if required. There is no guaranteed fix time with this service level. If your equipment is beyond repair, we will replace the equipment with same, or better, specification.
  • PARTS ONLY - Guarantees parts are delivered to your specified location within the requested timeframe, as per the warranty agreement. No engineer will arrive onsite.

Ready to get an Extended Warranty quote?

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